Tax Transparency and Informed Public Dialogue in Tax Policies | A civil society perspective on taxes: Scoping Study

With the support of the World Bank GTP, the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency’s Coordination Team, in collaboration with the International Budget Partnership’s Tax Equity Initiative, undertook research to further determine the information and tools that civil society organizations (CSOs) typically need to be able to engage in constructive dialogues with governments at the national sphere, on tax reform and administration. The questions the research seeks to address include firstly what conditions are necessary to promote strong civil society engagement on tax policy and administration; and secondly how civil society can be equipped with the tools and information necessary for the public to be able to engage in domestic tax debates and tax reform processes. The objective of this research is to extract a set of lessons on the conditions, settings, processes and methods required to promote strong civil society engagement, to ensure that constructive dialogues can take place between governments, CSOs, academia and other relevant stakeholders on comprehensive tax reform and accountable tax administration.