Episode 1 – Sustainable Development Goal 16: Focus on public institutions

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FULL #Finance4SDGs Webinar Series —> http://bit.ly/SDGsWebinars Representatives from UNDESA will present the findings on the World Public Sector Report of 2019. The report surveys global trends in the implementation of the institutional principles, documenting both the availability of information on those trends and the status of knowledge about the effectiveness of related policies and institutional arrangements in different national contexts. It also demonstrates how the institutional principles of SDG 16 have been informing the development of institutions in various areas, including gender equality and women’s empowerment (SDG 5). WHO / Representatives from UNDESA: • Aranzazu Guillan Montero Senior Governance and Public Administration Officer, UNDESA. • David Le Blanc Chief, Development Management Branch, UNDESA. A brief introduction from Juan Pablo Guerrero, GIFT’s Network Director.