Materiales utilizados durante el Taller de Herramientas Digitales, Tecnologías de la Información y Participación Ciudadana

Materials used during the Digital Tools, Information Technologies and Citizen Engagement Workshop.

Meeting Materials

  • Concept Note and Agenda GIFT – PDF
  • Mexican Transparency Portal: Creation Process and Evolution Lorena Rivero, SHCP. – PPT
  • Big Data, Small Data and Open Data Lorena Rivero, SHCP. – PPT
  • Online Public Consultations That Helped Identify Users Lorena Rivero, SHCP. – PPT
  • Citizen Engagement Strategies Lorena Rivero, SHCP. – PPT
  • Plain Language as Communication Policy – How to communicate budget? Tarick Gracida, GIFT. – PPT
  • Social Media Tips – Do’s and Don’ts Tarick Gracida, GIFT. – PPT