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The GIFT Network provides opportunities, services and structured paths for reaching fiscal transparency goals that would otherwise likely be well out of reach for member countries. Network members effectively engage in peer learning, and in advising and supporting each other on the implementation of specific transparency, accountability and public engagement practices. The GIFT Coordinating Team provides support to the network in many ways, including planning and convening the Network’s peer learning activities and technical collaboration meetings, facilitating the drafting and approval of international norms for countries’ fiscal operations, and providing technological platforms for making fiscal actions available for public view. Major international donor organizations have found GIFT to be an invaluable partner in achieving their own institutional fiscal transparency goals, relying on the network to motivate and support countries in their efforts to comply with international norms.

GIFT currently pursues three impact workstreams based on the most successful areas of impact of the Network, to help countries produce and publish meaningful information on the sources and uses of public resources for inclusive and accountable public finance, to promote its use for more equitable and sustainable development and for reaching fiscal accountability goals that would otherwise be out of reach for member countries.

The following provides an overview of these workstreams, relevant outputs and initiatives of the Network.

Advancing fiscal transparency and inclusive public participation in global norms and at country level

Platform for coherence of normative architecture on fiscal transparency and inclusive public participation, including revenue policies

  • GIFT High-level Principles on Fiscal Transparency, Participation and Accountability (recognised by the United Nations)
  • GIFT Principles of Public Participation in Fiscal Policies
  • Norms alignment: International Monetary Fund Fiscal Transparency Code, Open Budget Survey, Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Framework, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Budget Transparency Toolkit etc.
  • Fiscal Data for Emergency Response: Guide for COVID-19
  • Strengthening public participation in the legislative stages of the budget process: A Toolkit for Parliamentarians in the Americas and the Caribbean
  • Framework for Tax Transparency and Informed Public Dialogue in Tax Policies
  • The World Bank Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning (PEMPAL) Workbook on Public Participation in Fiscal Policy and the Budget Process Framework
  • Advancing Fiscal Transparency for Development Online Course

Technical collaboration and peer learning for meaningful openness

Facilitating country-level support and effective dialogue between and among budget officials and civil society through harnessing fiscal openness experiences, practical tools and innovations

  • Fiscal Openness Accelerator Project
  • Digital Tools for User-Centered Fiscal Transparency ( Open Fiscal Data Services and Tutorial to Develop User-Centered Fiscal Transparency Portals)
  • Good Internal Systems for External Publication
  • Technical cooperation for adoption and implementation of Open Government Partnership (OGP) fiscal transparency commitments
  • With World Bank, promotion of fiscal openness efforts in Mongolia; Ecuador; Croatia; Serbia; North Macedonia; and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Supporting countries towards achieving an improved Open Budget Index
  • Support to United Nations (i.e. UNDESA World Public Sector Report 2019 and UNDP – Better Budget Dataquest for Sustainable Development)
  • Training and awareness for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Other country-specific technical support


Network building towards greater impact

Consolidating GIFT as an action network comprised of fiscal transparency champions

  • GIFT Lead Stewards Meetings
  • GIFT General Stewards Meetings
  • At least one annual general training and peer-exchange event focusing on updates and pertinent topics
  • Encounter Dashboard: Tracking member activities and actions
  • Fiscal Transparency Portals Network
  • #DataOnTheStreets Rally and #DataRallyFromHome
  • #BetterBudget Dataquest for Sustainable Development + COVID-19
  • Global and regional workshops in partnership with other international organizations (e.g. OGP)
  • Regular peer-exchange opportunities on specific areas of interest
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