2021 #DataRallyFromHome & #Dataquest Global Awards Ceremony

The GIFT’s Global Awarding Ceremony for the #Rally and #Dataquests initiatives, convened governments, civil society organizations, academia, private sector, and the general public, around the world last December 16, 2021, as one of the side-events of the Open Government Partnership Global Summit.

The activity served as a venue for the winning teams and organizers of user engagement campaigns from different countries and local governments to share insights and results of projects that made use of fiscal open data to provide policy proposals, including leveraging this information to provide pathways to achieve the SDG’s 2030 Agenda. 

This year, GIFT supported user-engagement activities at the national level in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Philippines (2 initiatives) and Mexico, and at the local level in Bogotá (Colombia) and Guanajuato and Mexico City (Mexico).


  • Juan Pablo Guerrero, GIFT Network Director
  • Aura Martinez, Coordinator for knowledge, technical assistance and collaboration, GIFT
  • Representatives of winning teams
  • Country and local government organizers

Meet our  #DataRallyFromHome and #Dataquest winners and learn about their projects in our showcase ceremony at the OGP Summit!

1. La Guaricha y los Guaches: Using open data in the fight against inequality in Bogota, Colombia

Team members: Juana Valentina Moreno Rojas, Michael Andrés Sánchez Marín, Daniel Tamayo Uribe

Project summary: The Comprehensive Attention for Youth project was born from identifying specific issues of inequality for young people living in Bogota, Colombia. The project proponents personally experienced the negative impacts of this inequality and set themselves the task of tracing the roots of these issues through conducting a literature review, open data research from Bogota and the World Bank, and focusing on information linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. The result of this data consolidation was an audiovisual presentation that communicated their team’s findings and recommendations for the public sector to invest more resources to fight inequality.

2. Dataket: machine-learning for advancing SDG 3 on Health and Well-Being in Guanajuato, Mexico

Team members: Gil Estéfano Rodríguez Rivera, Héctor Fernando Nieto Soto, Gabriel Missael Barco

Project summary: The project led by Dataket repackaged government data and suggests a distribution of hospitals that allows progress for Guanajuato, México on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Health and Well-Being. The proposal is based on the machine-learning algorithm K-Means and uses census and geographic data from all the municipalities of Guanajuato.

3. Datapunks: data science and social housing in Mexico City, Mexico

Team members: Jorge Valente Hernández Castelán, Eugenio José Mora Zamora y Sebastián Ocampo Palacios.

Project summary: Datapunks project aimed to present Mexico City’s open data in a simple, attractive, interactive, and accessible way. Their research explored the relationship between population distribution, the fiscal data in Mexico City, and land use value in each municipality. Their findings point to the need for the alcaldías to increase their revenue collection and work towards better coordination regarding Mexico City’s social housing policy.