Introducing the Fiscal Openness Working Group

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On 30 July 2013 the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and GIFT, along with World Bank hosts, presented the Fiscal Openness Working Group (FOWG). This webinar aims to further the understanding of fiscal transparency issues and activities in the context of the OGP. The session introduced the work of GIFT, the concept of OGP Working Groups, and the framework for the OGP-GIFT FOWG. Following this, there was a presentation of Brazil’s action plan commitments on fiscal transparency. The FOWG will: 1.Provide a platform for peer-to-peer sharing and learning among OGP members on Fiscal Openness 2.Offer OGP members efficient and coordinated access to good practices, tools, assessments, and technical expertise on Fiscal Openness 3.Support OGP governments/members to develop and implement more ambitious Fiscal Openness goals and good practices 4.Motivate additional governments to become champions and models of Fiscal Openness.