Newsletter 27 – Jul 2018

Learning and sharing experiences and inspiration at the launch of the new Transparency Portal of Brazil in Brasilia
On June 28th, the Ministry of Transparency and the General Comptroller of the Union (CGU) launched Brazil’s new Transparency Portal ( With a new interface, enhanced accessibility, responsiveness, search engine, navigation, and interactive tables, integrated pages and matrixial navigation, the Portal includes new information on, for example, procurement and contracts, travelling expenses, CGU’s reports. The Portal is also now boosted with new tools, such as social media, collaboration, QR code, notifications, open data and APIs.

The Ministry of Transparency, with the participation of Minister Wagner Rosario and Otávio Neves and
GIFT support, hosted a workshop to present the new Portal in detail for GIFT’s members and partners, representatives of government and civil society of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Egypt, Guatemala, Liberia, Mexico, Nigeria, Paraguay, South Africa, Uruguay and the USA; as well as representatives from the World Bank, the OECD and IBP, who also shared their own experiences and plans to advance fiscal transparency.
Additionally, GIFT held a specific workshop for the representatives from South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt with the Brazilian Federal Budget Secretariat –GIFT Lead Steward— with the presence of the Secretary George Soares, to share experiences in advancing transparency based on the dialogue with civil society. The workshop was enriched with the outstanding participation of GIFT Stewards, INESC (Brazil) and Fundar (Mexico), and public participation expert, Daniel Avelino. GIFT is grateful to Brazil’s high-level leadership at the Federal Budget Secretariat who dedicated their time to answer all of South Africa’s representatives’ questions and doubts about how to improve the cooperation among the Treasury and civil society to develop a portal that responds to users’ needs.

After the workshops’ discussions and collective learning and inspiration, and following IBP´s and
GIFT´s invitation, several MoF have expresses their interest to engage in a pilot on public participation in the budget at the national level, including Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Egypt, Liberia, Nigeria and South Africa.

Check out all workshop materials and presentations

#Cuentas Claras conference Transparent Government – Leveraging Private Sector Partnerships
Panama City, June 13-14

GIFT’s Network Director participated in a panel to discuss technological innovations in enhancing transparency, combating corruption, and stopping illicit financial flows in the #CuentasClaras conference in Panama City. Organized jointly by the World Bank Group and the Government of Panama, the conference convened high-level government officials and policy makers, representatives of multilateral financial institutions, experts in governance, civil society leaders, and journalists from Latin America and the Caribbean and the rest of the world to promote the exchange of ideas on the policies, strategies and institutional arrangements necessary to address the challenges of enhancing transparency and accountability in the public sector to mobilize private financing for development and promote economic growth in the region. In the Panama City Conference as well as in every public finance forum, it is increasingly being recognized that civil society organizations and public participation are a fundamental element in the discussion on the use of public resources.

GIFT At the 2018 OGP GLOBAL SUMMIT in Tbilisi, Georgia
Check out the activities that the GIFT network has prepared for you at the upcoming OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia…

IT for Citizen Engagement in Service Delivery Workshop on July 17th
We will start with a side event on Tuesday July 17th, where members and partners in this will share experiences on the impact of digitalization in engaging citizens in the provision of public goods and services, and country initiatives to increase public participation through the increased use and optimization of IT.

Looking at the examples of Brazil, Georgia, Mexico, and Paraguay, participants will also discuss recent efforts in linking budget open data formats (Open Fiscal Data Package) and the Open Contracting Data Standard (Procurement process in open data formats) for significant improvement in fiscal transparency.

Representatives from civil society and ministries of finance will share how the use of information technologies has allowed a better provision of public services, with an enhanced engagement from the beneficiaries. At the end of the workshop, participants will have more clarity on the possibilities, advantages and risks of using IT for participation and public service delivery.

See you on Tuesday July 17th at 3:30pm at #1, 26 May Square, Tbilisi!

Discuss The Impact of Digitalization on Citizen Engagement in the Provision of Public Services with us at the OGP Global Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia
As part of the OGP Global Summit agenda, members and partners of the GIFT network will feature a session to share experience and questions on the impact of digitalization in engaging citizens in the provision of public services and goods. In many countries, such as Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine, and Paraguay, governments have used open data and digitalization as means to improve the impact on the delivery of public services. In this session, representatives from civil society and ministries of finance will share how the use of information technologies has allowed a better provision of public services, with an enhanced engagement from the beneficiaries. We will also hear from the winners of the #DatosenlaCalle Rally from Chile, Colombia or Mexico, as well as representatives from the governments of Brazil, Georgia, Hungary, Paraguay and Mexico.

See you on Thursday July 19, 11:00 – 12:00 at the Funicular: Underwheel 2, Mtatsminda Plateau in Tbilisi!

High-Level Regional Dialogue on Budget Transparency and Participation, at Tiblisi on July 18th
IBP and the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, with USAid and World Bank support, are hosting a high-level dialogue on budget transparency and participation, with the presence of high level officials from the governments of Georgia, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Canada, in dialogue with civil society organizations from the region. This meeting is a continuation of a series of efforts in the Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European region, to foster fiscal transparency and participation, of which GIFT stewards has been actively involved (World Bank-IMF Spring meetings, PEMPAL meeting in Austria, OECD-SBO meeting in Zagreb, and upcoming GIFT General Stewards meeting in Portugal in October).

Innumerable meetings and activities will take place at the
2018 OGP summit in Georgia.

GIFT General Stewards Meeting, October 15-17 in Cascais, Portugal
With the generosity of the Municipality of Cascais, this year’s General Stewards Meeting will be held in this beautiful Portuguese city on October 15-17. More to come…
SHCP/GIFT webinar on Open Data now online!

New Head of PEFA

Congratulations to Jens K. Kristensen, recently appointed new head of PEFA. We look forward to collaborating soon!

IBP/ GIFT piece one of the 5 most cited articles in 2017 according to the World Bank!

Congratulations to Paolo de Renzio, author of the
“Impacts and Incentives for Fiscal Openness. Review of the Evidence” article!