Newsletter 44 – Dec 2019

PEFA joined GIFT

We have new partners in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Georgia.

A letter to our Stewards and partners from GIFT’s Director


We met at different points in time…
Building public participation in budgeting workshop. Washington, D.C.
Smart Citizenship Academy, Cascais.
Budget Community of Practice of the Public Expenditure Management Network in Asia. Seoul.
1st Regional Governance Conference for Europe and Central Asia countries. Ankara.
GPSA Global Partners Forum of 2019. Washington, D.C.
Transparency and Gender Responsive Budgets for Better Outcomes workshop. Pretoria.
IBP’s second workshop on independent budget analysis for Francophone Africa CSOs. Benin.
Promoting GIFT’s Principles on Fiscal Transparency, Participation, and Accountability. Tbilisi.
Launching of Fiscal Open Data in Croatia.
ConDatos + AbreLATAM. Quito.
Assessing Tax Spillovers. London.
Latin America Tax Expenditure Research, Advocacy, and Learning. Bogota.

New Fiscal Transparency Portals

Open Budget Chile

Enhanced focus on thematic fiscal transparency– Gender and Childhood cross-cutting budget of Argentina

Gender-based violence in Uruguay

Procurement in South Africa

6 Better Budget Dataquests
-see some of the highlighted works-
Indonesia, Ministry of Finance + Seknas-Fitra
Argentina, ACIJ

3 Data on the Streets Rallies
447 investment projects checked,
more than 1,011 persons involved
Watch here some testimonials of what happened

5 new publishers of open spending data in the Open Fiscal Data Package

We had the webinar series on budgeting for SDGs

We were part of the development of the
World Public Sector Report of UNDESA
with a focus on SDG 16 of strengthening institutions with budgeting for SDGs, fiscal transparency and public participation.

We set the basis of the
Fiscal Openness Accelerator Project
that will be developed in the coming years